Teak Wood essentials

When it comes to outdoor furniture, teak wood is the often the best option because of its beauty, durability, affordability and low maintenance. Teak is our choice of wood because with simple care, it lasts a long time and it ages beautifully. Our skilled artisans craft our furniture with A grade premium teak wood. As the wood matures and is exposed to the suns uv rays it will turn from golden brown to a beautiful silver patina. If you prefer to allow this patina process to happen, you will not need to apply any extra protection against the weather. However, if you plan on conserving the golden brown of fresh teak, you will need to prevent photo oxidation of the extractives that give wood species their unique characteristics. “More Info” (Place link here for more info)  

cleaning and maintaining  

Over the lifetime of your outdoor and teak furniture, you will want to clean periodically as needed, to protect and revitalize the beauty of your furniture. The treatment and frequency can vary based on the material as well as the setting (The amount and type of direct weather exposure?) and usage (Heavy/Light, Residential, Commercial).  

At our design center, our go to simple cleaning process for teak furniture is to use Dawn soap and a little bit of bleach mixed in a bucket of water applied with a scouring sponge ( ScotchBrite works well). Wet the wood down first to soften it up then dip your sponge into the solution and rub in the direction of the grain with moderate pressure. Rinse, then wait a couple of minutes (teak dries fast) to see if you like the finish. Repeat if needed. If you want to have the silver - grey patina, that teak is renowned for, do not rub too hard as you will remove the patina and expose the natural golden honey finish ( a little lighter than the original).

There are many ways to clean teak and other types of outdoor furniture for our members please click here to go to a more detailed explanation on your options. “link”

Varnish and Paint

Because teak produces it's own oil, teak should not be varnished or painted. Instead, a few coats of sealant can be used to slow the process of patina. The oil on teak wood prevents varnish and paint to stick to the wood. Overtime, the varnish or paint will chip and peel. 

Oil for teak

Teak wood naturally produces its own oils, therefore, oiling is not necessary. By applying oil to the wood, teak will rely more on manual application and slow the natural process of producing its own oils. The reduction of natural oils can weaken the wood and reduce the lifetime of your furniture.

As a manufacturer, we do not recommend oiling your teak furniture.  

seal or not?

If you would you like to preserve the natural golden pigment of teak, you will need to apply a sealer. Through age and exposure, natural teak goes through the process of patina. If you do not apply a sealer, the wood will slowly turn into a beautiful silvery-grey color. Although applying a sealer will not affect the longevity of teak, some sealers can help reduce the growth of mildew and protect the wood from UV rays. 


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